Project Progress is a collaborative initiative focused on sharing stories from unique individuals and diverse communities. Our mission is to move public debates and understanding forward by providing insight into the lives and experiences of those who don’t typically have a voice in mainstream media. Our purpose is to promote a fairer and more equal society by facilitating dialogue and knowledge of each other.

Our stories are shared on social media and the Project Progress website. Selected entries may also appear in our special annual print publication.

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At a fancy do, you’re most likely to find Heidi sitting on the stoop chatting to the neighborhood cat. Despite her feline affinity, she likes human folks too. Heidi is behind the lens snapping cracking shots, she marshals the Facebook gremlins, and spends her free afternoons designing and redesigning our website. For fun. Heidi is the creative force behind Without her vision and energy, none of this would exist.

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Along with pino gris and sunshine, Cayla gets her kicks from making order out of chaos. Devising and imposing systems and naming conventions on others brings her the kind of joy usually reserved for small children and puppies. As ‘She in Charge of Operations’, Cayla wrangles people and things behind the scenes to keep the project trucking along. Without her we’d have terrific pictures but zero stationary.

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Huckleberry Albus Finn (Bert)

Huckleberry is superior bork and executive of mischief, his key contributions are providing continuous hilarity, inspiration and forced exercise. Bert works behind the scenes to steadily distract, destroy and bring joy to humans and cats alike. Keep an eye out for him at a photo shoot near you. 

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